The Waisted Rectangle

Our view of the consumer goods markets is summarized in the Waisted Rectangle© with its segments for meeting demand and satisfying customers' needs.

The Waisted Rectangle© allows for a clear and simple orientation where which products are optimally positioned in the market. It mirrors the sales market in two market segments with four essential kinds of product categories, which serve the satisfaction of needs and the satisfaction of wants. Here we distinguish products of Excellence and Premium products and brands as well as PremiumEconomy and Economy products and brands.

Brands provide the offers that satisfy demand a guarantee that customers will receive top-quality products for their money in a material sense - with a "letter and seal", as it were. 



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Proven Business Tools:

The Waisted Rectangle©,
the new perception of the consumer market for demand and supply

The 7-Elements-Definition©
of a brand

The ”Enlightened” Consumer©
as target community

The BrandEquity + Performance Program©

The Holistic Corporate Communication Concept©

Special consultancy subjects:

Creating strategic alliances
brand diffusion
joint ventures
mergers & acqusitions

The Waisted Rectangle©


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