Nespresso, what else? The rediscovery of the coffee treat.
BriefLetter - Issue 06/2010

For years coffee consumption rose and the purchase of roasted coffee was considered fulfillment of demand. In other words, “quantity up –price down”. Recently, coffee consumers in Germany only paid 3 Euro for 500 grams coffee of a brand leader. One cup of coffee cost less than 10 cents. This is a blessing for your housekeeping money in times like these. However, coffee consumption in Germany is on the decline. A transformation seems to be taking place.

A cup of coffee turns into a treat and as such it is becoming the satisfaction of one’s needs. Use it as a moment to tune out or maybe for a quick encounter, accompanied by a cup of coffee. What else?

With Nespresso, Nestle developed a coffee treat of a unique dimension and a totally new marketing and communications strategy with George Clooney is causing a furor. Sales figures in the billions and two-digit growth rates speak for themselves.

The Nespresso success story is wonderful. It should not be overlooked or seen as an isolated case. This story shows impressively that many things that brought success yesterday no longer will make sense in the future. As a consequence we should not cling to “the once upon a time” but rather consider the new.

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