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Performance, growth, new markets and branding are the central areas we dedicate our work to.
We deal with new consumer goods markets and new products in existing consumer goods markets.

We make use of our own market philosophy, whose focus is the search for uniqueness and on highlighting the particular, the uniqueness of brands.

Absolute magnitude of the business does not play a leading part. However, what is important is the question, if a business can claim uniqueness for itself, is it among the best. We work with the same enthusiasm and responsibility for a medium-sized national fashion company as we do for an international market leader in retail.

Creativity and dedication to innovative processes shape the work with our clients. The impossible is what fascinates us.

We do not recommend following trends. We recommend starting them. We do not expect for anyone to follow others or to take up their cause in a me-too fashion. Competition is no snake that captures attention. In fact, it is imperative to define the distance to others.

Linking growth with the creation of something new and the strengthening of what already exists. Five decades of consultancy and the view on our nearly four centuries of family history taught us that the correct combination of existing and new will lead the best way into the future.

Without brands, the modern consumer goods markets, shaped through industrial production, are inconceivable. If we speak of brands, we speak of brand personalities. Brands based on the seven essential elements identified by us: Origin, history, profile, positioning, image, awareness and protection through uniqueness.

Uniqueness we see as a holistic peerless shaping of a company that lives in the sales market, job market, financial market, procurement market as well as in a social environment, meaning it possesses spirit and soul.

In our definition of brands, they do not only stand for products, but equally for all involved in their development, production and distribution and also for the company as a whole. Brands stand for products serving the satisfaction of needs as well as the satisfaction of wants. On one hand, they are guarantors for a fair price/performance ratio on the other hand they are the carriers of immaterial values, which can make the real difference especially with the satisfaction of needs.

Our way of thinking and working is of course also shaped through our experience with people, markets and the knowledge of the profound changes taking place all over the world due to globalization.

The people today are more and more knowledge-oriented and education-oriented. They are individualistic and cosmopolitan. They are more and more self-determined, independent and free. We are not going to be able to reach people in the future with traditional target group assessment. Of course, we also see the conflicts that arise from the internet, which supports the wish of the people for a new quality of privacy but at the same time is able to command this privacy in an uncontrollable fashion.

“Not size but greatness is the challenge of our time”. In less than ten years, cities like New York, London and Paris are no longer going to be the only cosmopolitan centers. This is sufficient grounds for approaching new markets and developing new philosophies.


SchmidPreissler SchmidPreissler Strategy Consultants

Specialized in consumer goods related industries, trade and investments.

Independent and personal.

Creative and innovative strategies through intellectual approach: For excellent business results.

Brand equity enforcement and performance, corporate and product brand strategies.

Proven Business Tools:

The Waisted Rectangle©,
the new perception of the consumer market for demand and supply

The 7-Elements-Definition©
of a brand

The ”Enlightened” Consumer©
as target community

The BrandEquity + Performance Program©

The Holistic Corporate Communication Concept©

Special consultancy subjects:

Creating strategic alliances
brand diffusion
joint ventures
mergers & acqusitions

The Waisted Rectangle©


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